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:: Service of rental disk space on server at City Data Center for nearby subscribers who want to closely administrate their own systems. ::
:: Manage your systems in your own styles while still benefit from our excellent facilities and high-speed internet connection.  ::
:: Choices of either CAT's servers or customer's own servers while you still enjoy exclusive services from our technical experts.  ::
:: Server service for private use for subscribers who want privacy. They can manage servers by themselves at cheap service charge. ::
:: Present your website on our economical, yet feature-riched, web hosting on high-performance servers connected to high-speed internet.  ::

         Server service is like server rental service as if the subscribers have their own servers. They can manage and proceed as needed by using principles of demonstartive virtual servers on same hardware. The users can use servers as if they belonged them via Remote Desktop or Secure Shell programs. They can manage their own data and programs.

    primary provided service
     >> 1 IP Address
     >> 1 Terminal Services Session
     >> 24x7 Technical Support
     >> Weekly VPS full backup 

CAT Server Service
Application Software Support
OS (Windows 2003 Server SE or Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4)
Web Server (IIS 6.0 OR Apache HTTP Server)
Database Server (My SQL OR MS SQL Express)
VPS Backups

Domain Name server (200 Baht/Year)
Extra Memory (RAM) (500 Baht/128 MB/month)
Additional Diskspace/5 GB (1,000 Baht/month)
Control Panel (1,000 Baht/10 Domain License/month)
Profit of Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Cheaper Colocation and Dedicated Server charges.
  • Users can manage servers as their need as their owns. They can use volume of RAM and Hard disk as their need. This will save their cost on hard disk apparatus.
  • Installation can be done as soon as possible.
  • CAT Telecom Pcl. Provides backup and restoration of data. It will do backup VPS every week.
  • Package name Basic Advance
     Set up Fee 1,000  1,000 
    1 month charge
    3 months prepaid charge (per month)
    6 months prepaid charge (per month)
    12 months prepaid charge (per month)
    2,500 Baht
    2,450 Baht
    2,388 Baht
    2,250 Baht
    3,500 Baht
    3,430 Baht
    3,343 Baht
    3,150 Baht
    Disk Space
    Domain Name Server
    Memory (RAM)
    15 GB
    2 Domain/IP
    256 MB
    20 GB
    2 Domain/IP
    512 MB
    Free Set up Fee 1 January - 31 December 2013
    *This price is not include VAT.
    Copyright 2006 by CAT Telecom Public Company Limited. All right reserved.
    CAT Telecom Public Company Limited. Data Engineering and Operation Department. 13 th Floor
    72 Charoenkrung Bangruk, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand.