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How many services can I find at CAT-IDC?
         There are 3 main services you can find at CAT-IDC. - Shared Web Hosting: Home page deposit or rental diskspace in network servers connectd with internet network. - Dedicated Web Server Service: We have rental servers at full care for customers. They can rent CAT-IDC's servers as well as shared racks to place on. - Server Co-Location Service: Space for placing customers' servers. They can have their own system to connect internet. We have rental space service to store their servers.
What are speeds of Bandwidth for International and Domestic connections?
         International 830 Mbps , Domestic 10x2 Gbps

How can I monitor incoming and outgoing transferring rate via CAT-IDC's network connection?

         CAT-IDC provide an efficient and accurate program called "Cacti" for monitoring transferring rate both incoming and outgoing with free Username and Password
Domain Name Registration for Co-location Server and Shared Web Hosting
         If subscribers do not have domain names, they can choose to do in 3 ways: - If they do not want to pay for domain name registration fee, they can have sub domain name such as - If they do not like domain name under "", CAT-IDC will find those for them.They can pay fees for domain name registration (yearly), hosting maintenance (only 500 bahts at once) - Subscribers register for their customers' domain name.
What have I to do next after register to use the service?
After a customer register to use the service at registration page, a sale staff will call back to confirm service use, to inform service details and regulations, and to ask the customer's need. After the customer signs up the service agreement, the service will be launched for him within 24 hours.
Can I myself control E-mail service in Shared Web Hosting?
Yes, you can administer, adjust, delete, add account as you like via Control Panel.

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:: Service of rental disk space on server at City Data Center for nearby subscribers who want to closely administrate their own systems. ::
:: Manage your systems in your own styles while still benefit from our excellent facilities and high-speed internet connection.  ::
:: Choices of either CAT's servers or customer's own servers while you still enjoy exclusive services from our technical experts.  ::
:: Server service for private use for subscribers who want privacy. They can manage servers by themselves at cheap service charge. ::
:: Present your website on our economical, yet feature-riched, web hosting on high-performance servers connected to high-speed internet.  ::
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